KYC Manager/Credit risk management Manager/AML Manager

Job profile:

1. Responsible to establish and manage the company's credit card business Know Your Customer (KYC) and risk control team.

2. Responsible for investigating high-risk accounts to ensure the safety of assets; assisting in the investigation of suspected illegal use of credit cards.

3. Put forward risk control requirements to the product R & D team, participate in anti-fraud system optimization, formulate system optimization requirements; promote the improvement of the system risk control mechanism.

4. Build and improve the credit card business compliance management system, including systems, processes, monitoring, inspection, and other related modules.

5. Responsible for overall management of credit card business related complaint handling;

6. Investigate and pursue losses in fraud cases, and conduct in-depth mining of historical risk cases, characterize user characteristics and crime links, and formulate forward-looking risk control strategies;

7. Responsible for the construction and management of the blacklist database, and establish a dynamic fraudulent customer list storage mechanism.


Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above

2. At least 3 years of credit risk management working experience, team management experience

3. Internet access and basic computer programs.

4. Self-motivated and able to thrive in a results-driven environment

5. Excellent time and project management skills, always looking to improve inefficient processes

6. Keep attention to detail and adherence to deadlines

7. Fluently in English (Write & read)

8. Having Mandarin Chinese skills will be advantage.